Current Projects


McAra Air Conditioning is currently involved in several projects which include:


Upgrade of Domestic Hot Water - McAra Air Conditioning have recently converted a cluster of building Domestic Hot Water services from a centralised underground ring main to individual building systems. The team utilised efficient Condenser Boiler Technology and Combined Electronic Building Management System control to reduce system running costs.


New Medical Facility - McAra Air Conditioning are currently fitting out a new medical facility which requires close control of both area pressures and temperatures.


Recent Projects


The company has completed some major projects over recent years.  Most notable of these are:


Local Airport upgrade - McAra Air Conditioning were responsible for the installation, commissioning and now the ongoing maintenance/service of all plant at this site.


Constant Temperature Room for an Educational Establishment - A specialist storage room which will maintain temperature within 0.25°C @ 18°C, without excessive power consumption.


Anglesea Clinic - Symmans House - Specialist Air Conditioning and critical pressure control of laboratory zones.


Motel - Installation of multiple HiWall systems capable of autonomous control with low energy consumption and simple to use controls.


Installation of Air Conditioning in a multi storey green building employing enthalpy control, multiple zoning and Heat Exchange Recovery and Fresh Air Systems.


Installation of VRV systems in an Education Facility, managed with a single scheduling controller and integrated within a Building Management System.


Design and installation of low cost Air Conditioning for a large open-space Gymnasium, ensuring draught free temperature control for the participating members.