Technical Problems


The aim of this page is to provide technical assistance to the client on a wide range of subjects.



When contacting McAra Air Conditioning


Fault information required by the serviceman in order to provide a more thorough service visit.


When contacting McAra with regard to a problem with your Air Conditioning or Mechanical Services, please provide the following information, allowing us to get to you and process the job more efficiently:
Physical Address of the problem  
Contact Name  
Exact Location of the faulty unit  

The fault, including what the Controller Settings were at the time of fault.  What did the unit do?




Correct Operation of Remote Control Units


Before assuming that the Air Conditioning unit in your office is malfunctioning, there are one or two simple checks that can be carried out by the operator.  These include:


Has the mode selection been altered from the normal selection? - This can be checked by cycling through the modes until your normal selection is in view- (If the mode is selected to heating with a selected temperature below that of the room temperature, the unit cannot cool.)



Ensure that the appropriate remote controller corresponding to the correct AC unit is being adjusted?



Is the remote control actually switched on?  Also, the remote control may be switched on but in the case of wireless remotes, did the unit 'beep' to accept the instruction?  - Just Switch the unit off and back on again, did it 'beep' this time (if not, the batteries may be low)