McAra Air Conditioning Limited is a wholly owned limited liability company and has been trading since 1980. 


Jim Fitzgerald

The Company prides itself in its team of highly skilled and experienced staff and is committed to on the job training and skills advancement through outside courses.


Managing Director and sole shareholder, Jim Fitzgerald is dedicated to the day-to-day running of the business and ensuring that customer’s expectations are exceeded.  


Professional Associations


Our design and installation department can call on several consulting agencies to assist us to give the best possible solution to a given challenge.   


Those agencies most commonly used are:


WSP Opus


Innerscape Ltd



Where service and repair dictates a Consulting Agency's intervention, the same quality processes are used to provide a satisfactory solution.  


Job Logging

Critical to McAra's service quality and particular prompt service response are the key personnel within the Engine Room.  Our Service Co-ordinator has been trained in logging service calls and scheduling the service staff to respond to these calls. 


McAra use SimPro software to coordinate and manage jobs and quotes, sending live job data to all our servicemen.  Servicemen can update the job locally allowing the Management team to see, and act upon, live job updates. Quoting is much quicker and job turnround time and fees are reduced.


The more complex matters are immediately referred to Senior Engineering Management.   The Software Package ensures that each job is guided through specific stages of task management until the client is happy and the job is complete.  The database can then be interrogated at any time to give information which can be used to effect trending on a particular asset or to ensure that efficiency and client service is being maintained and enhanced. 

A web portal can be offered to our clients to see and act upon quotes, jobs and invoicing.


Service Department

Our Service Manager has many years experience and is a popular character with all our clients.  His dedication to ensuring prompt service and efficient repairs is second to none.  He is highly qualified as a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning tradesman, is an Applied Engineer and is also an IQP and Work Place assessor.  His highly skilled team of tradesmen are available on a 24/7 basis through an 'On Call' roster, with back-up from the rest of the team where necessary.    


Maintenance Department

Planned Preventative Maintenance is another of McAra Air Conditionings' success stories. Statistics have shown that with properly maintained equipment, the client will spend less overall on the Service and Repair budget.  More effective Maintenance = Less service calls and after hours call outs.

The McAra Maintenance Technicians are all part of a multi skilled team who are capable of diagnosing problems found during the checks, providing a joint approach to the Service/Maintenance of the equipment.


Systems and Processes



McAra Air Conditioning ltd is TELARC Q-Safe Registered Number 875. 

More details are available within our Policy pages.






Our General Manager constantly reviews the processes we use to manage both the company and our client interface.  His well structured approach to the company system of 'continuous improvement' ensures that the serviceman can deliver the appropriate service to the customer, during each visit. 




McAra has developed internal processes to manage and monitor buildings remotely utilizing Siemens and QWERTY Software.


McAra operates a computer based Heat Load and Energy analysis programme.  This programme is called “E20” and it utilises simulated weather data to model how much heating or cooling a designated area will require, to maintain specified internal temperatures.  The ”E20” can also perform an energy analysis on the running cost of different equipment within the designated area.



McAra uses AutoCAD 2019 and Revit 2019 drawing packages for design and as-built drawings.




McAra in Wellington


Our Wellington associate company is owned by Managing Director Mark Galbraith and Jim Fitzgerald. The company has been serving Wellington and Hutt Valley residential and commercial customers for over 20 years. In the last three years Mark has developed design and installation capability to focus more on commercial customers with multi level facilities.