McAra Air Conditioning provide a 24/7 Service Response to clients who require this level of back-up.  Our Service team can be contacted for out of hours response on (07) 847 2180.  Not all clients require this breakdown response but our Technicians will still normally be on-site within the same day. 


Our Service Manager has many years of building effective and trustworthy customer relationships.  The Company policy, which he insists on, is to ensure that any reported problem is diagnosed, quoted and repaired in an effective manner, negating the need for expensive call-back visits.


The McARA technicians have a close working relationship, and each individual is also part of a highly integrated team who are able to call on each others particular skills whenever the situation demands.  Each Serviceman is equipped with a fully stocked vehicle which is backed up at source by an 'in-use' stock of parts back at McAra's workshop.  The workshop contains the tools needed for most situations but where specialist tools or knowledge are required, Technicians can call on external contractors to help.


Refrigerant leaks are a serious issue and a high priority task.  Older equipment contains gas which is more harmful to the environment and so whenever a leak is detected, our servicemen ensure that everything is done to contain and repair the leak as soon as possible.



Leak from valve
technician welding